Is “For Sale By Owner” the best way to sell your home?

Is “For Sale by Owner” the BEST way to sell your home?

In a word… no.  Why?  The simple fact is that only 9% of homes listed for sale by owner EVER SELL*.  That means you have a 91% probability of not selling your home.  Unless… you engage a Realtor to actively price, stage, market, negotiate and successfully close escrow on your home while netting you more money than you would have made yourself, including paying a standard 6% agent commission on the sale.  Does it sound crazy?  Maybe, but let’s take a look at the reality:

  1. Active Agents know what is happening in your specific market; they know what Buyers are willing to pay for your home and they can price your home  appropriately to achieve the highest and quickest sale.
  2. If you price your home for sale by even 10% more than what the market value is, you will lose 70% of the buyers who MIGHT have showed interest in your home.  Can you afford to lose 70% of the buyers?
  3. Most agents can sell your home for a higher price that will actually net you more money.  Even when you add in the 6% commission.
  4. The Average For Sale By Owner home sold for $41,000 less than when sold by a Realtor.
  5. At Keller Williams we not only list your home on the standard Multiple Listing Service, but we also list your home on over 350 affiliated websites such as Front, Ebay Classifieds, Yahoo Real Estate and many more.  syndication_logos
  6. Are you going to call over 100 potential buyers every day asking them if they would be interested in buying your home?  A good agent will do that for you, 5 days a week until it is sold.
  7. Do you really want to deal with Buyers calling you at any hour of the day?  Making appointments and never showing up? Of if they do, they view your home and you never hear from them again?
  8. Almost all serious buyers will be accompanied by a Real Estate Agent who knows the value of your home, who knows how to negotiate the deal, and who will not be working in your best interest.
  9. Most Buyers assume they will pay less for you home if you are selling it yourself.

If you are thinking of selling your home all on your own, you owe if to yourself to contact a local Realtor and at least discuss your options before you place on of the biggest investments of your life on the market.  For more information on current market conditions and pricing for your home or area, visit or click HERE.

*(According to the 2012 N.A.R. 2012 Home Buyers & Sellers Report)


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