The Real Face behind all those Cash-rich Home Investors

mom popIf you have recently been a part of the Home Buying market, you may have had the unfortunate experience of having your bid on that perfect home pushed out by an “all-cash” offer from an Investor.  Sound familiar?  In come areas of California, Seller’s report that they have as many as 20-25 offers on their house within the first few days.  Many of those Seller’s will go with the strongest offer which is most likely an “all-cash” offer from an Investor who plans to “flip” the home.  According to the California Association of Realtors (C.A.R.), “Investors have played a key role in the California housing market recovery for the past four years.  Low mortgage rates, attractive home prices, and low yields on alternative assets have fueled demand for investment properties, particularly where distressed homes have dominated sales.”

So who are all these masked men, Kimo-sabe?  Are they some big Corporate Investor Guru who is buying up all the homes and reaping huge profits?  Nope… not even close.  According to C.A.R., three-fourths of those investors are of the small mom-and-pop type, owning 1-10 other investment properties.  And which country do you think almost 27% of these cash-rich folks come from?  It ain’t the good ole’ US of A.  Read on….

Click HERE to watch a video on “What you DON’T want to do before you Buy that Home.”


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