Watch out for this Mortgage Scam

scam alertPutting borrowers into higher-rate mortgages still occurs, U.S. says

Source: The Los Angeles Times

A lawsuit filed recently by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau indicates that “upselling” remains a pressing concern due to hidden, backroom ploys. “Upselling” leads mortgage applicants into higher-cost terms that increase the lender’s profits, and this abusive practice was banned by the Federal Reserve Board in 2011. Read the full story

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11-year old’s note seals the deal for home purchase

child noteSource: The San Diego Union Tribune

Sometimes a hand-written letter can make all the difference. Just ask 11-year-old Faith McNeilly, who wrote a letter to a seller as part of her family’s offer on a four-bedroom home in San Marcos, California. In a tight housing market with multiple offers, letters increasingly are utilized as a way to get a leg-up on the competition and make a lasting impression on the seller.
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